Ten Hours In A Can

Ten hours in a can. The bleak white hand of winter grasping for us. We drove through snow two inches an hour, white-out blindness. Vince steady at the wheel. Our last month of winter all at once and then over.

Bobaba and I played dice for hours. He ended up 8 cents ahead. We played would you rather. Would you rather have your best friend be a wizard, or your mom be a dragon? Would you rather have soft rubber teeth or razor blade teeth? Would you rather be a ghost 6 days of the week or have permanent rollerblades?

Would you rather have robot arms or be able to eat ice cream?

Would you rather update your blog everyday or be at Folk Alliance?

Folk Alliance. Woah. Here’s how it works. Every moment there are at least 11 things you want to be doing- stellar shows, crazy jam sessions, classes with last years pioneers, sleep, etc. Everyone is a little frantic. A few folks give off the vibe of a demonic networking doll with head on the constant swivel, but most are really warm and open hearted.

Its a funny thing to be at one of these conferences. You have to pay a fair chunk of change just to be there, so it’s hard not to feel like you’ve got to get something out of it. But folk musicians are probably the type of musician least likely to promote themselves. It’s a folking paradox.

We hosted a Michigan music room, through Barn Swallow Concerts. It was awesome to showcase some of our favorite Michigan acts.

Laith Al-Saadi is musical Santa Claus. Mad bag o tricks.

Mark Lavengood and Billy Strings tearing it up.

I have so many new favorite musicians. Steve Poltz made me cry I was laughing so hard. The T Sisters charmed the socks off me (but just the socks). The Railsplitters virtuosically shredded.

All that music knocked me out of my blog a day orbit. So now we’re at the front of 8 hours from surprisingly hospitable Wichita Kansas to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Zoom baby. To swing dance heaven tonight. Love to you all out there.

Yours in a cherry westward chariot,



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