Back in the Van!

Well tour is off to a roaring start.

We’ve been sitting around the boys house for about two hours, slowly working our way towards the van and goofing off. This tour will be the book tour for Appleseed – we have an indomitable amount of reading material. My current book is Henry Miller’s “Colossus of Maroussi.” Ben says a friend told him to read “Tropical Cancer Corn.” Sounds like a Halloween themed medical thriller set in Hawaii.

I always write a lot on tour because it’s a good way to talk to myself without looking crazy or annoying everyone in the van. This often takes the form of letters, but this tour I’m only taking three or four envelopes, as I’ll be updating the blog more than writing letters. However… First person to comment gets a letter!

It’s amazing the things you can mail. I’ve heard that with correct postage you can mail a stick. Nobody believes me so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a good, mailable stick. I also decided I’ll put all my stamps on the small of the back of the envelope from now on. “The Tramp Stamp.” Do you think that’d fly with USPS?

Vince needed some new kicks, so on the way out of town we stopped at the Birkenstock store. Since we are a five person cult, three of us walked out of there with new shoes and now we are stocked on ‘Stocks.

Paul Tinkerhess, local folk-shoe hero gave me a deal on the world’s most comfortable shoes, only cost an arm. I guess he doesn’t take legs, it’d be bad business. Now we’re on the road to Lansing, looking for LUVS in all the right places. Til next time!

Found em!

2 thoughts on “Back in the Van!”

  1. I’ve sent some pretty interesting things through the mail in my day, and received some oddities as well, but we probably don’t want to say any more about that…

    Waiting patiently for your correspondence, I remain,

    George Heritier aka Don Coyote

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