Tour is Coming

It’s 5 days ’til the next Appleseed Collective tour. We’ll be on the road for 6 weeks, everywhere from Chicago to Boulder Colorado to New Orleans, around behind under and in between. I have no doubt it will be an experience. It will be another tribbling life dribble of experience for my old memory hole. Yep.

I’ll be posting some updates on this baby as we go, I write A LOT on tour because it’s a way for me to be “alone”. Whether or not I make it to computer is another matter. But expect to see a bunch of stranger than fiction life updates on this B. Tour is usually ridiculous.

A taste of the strangeness of last tour:

This is a scary man dressed like Santa clutching a panicked baby.
Who would let this happen? Santa’s bout to drink that baby like it’s a booze-filled juicebox.

In Miami FL we all got our pictures taken with a homeless Santa Claus for some reason. It was not our idea, or homeless Santa Claus’s idea. Thanks, weird 3rd party photographer! (actually fantastic miami local musician Jesse Jackson) It was at least 90 degrees, we were in the parking lot of a Starbucks, squinting into the sun, the black pavement pouring heat; I remember the streams of sweat running down Santa’s face. They must be great photos.

Found this photo googling Homeless Santa Claus. Danke,


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