The Ballad of Marco Island

October 28th, 2013 The Appleseed Collective played their first gig of three nights in Marco Island, FL. After the gig there was some wine going around (during the gig as well), and one particular member of our party was drunkenly, doggedly trying to convince us that we should all go skinny-dipping. It was 2am and we’d had a long day in the sunshine, so despite our predilection towards nekkid ocean adventures, we resisted. She persisted. We turned around and she was gone. A drunken woman by herself in the ocean in the middle of the night? Ben and I went to save the day, and the hell with it, jump in the ocean too.

What we didn’t expect was ocean phosphorescence. The black water seemed swarmed with fireflies, it felt like you were swimming in the stars. Never in my life have I so appreciated a drunken trouble-making friend. This song was inspired by that experience, and so many others of that tour..


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